Semester Fees

General Information

All prices listed are for an entire semester. Classes are held parallel to the school terms. Our Winter term starts beginning of September and finishes end of January, the summer term starts after the semester break in February and finishes end of June. During the Summer holidays there will be classes of 2-hour units. Training Camps with Joan und Lucia Rafter as well as Céilí-Workshops and the respective costs are announced on occasion.

Semester fees consist of class fees as well as the membership fee, plus the registration fee in case of a first-time registration. This fee has to be transferred – including the full name and class level of the student – to the dance school’s bank account until the 10th of the first month of semester (September or February).

Example: Shammy Shamrock – Adults Primary Monday | 250€ Semester fee (220€ Class costs, 30€ Membership fee)

Semester Fees

Kids and Teens

€ 152,- for 1 hour class (Beginners)
€ 160,- for 1,5 hours class (Primary/Intermediate)
€ 200,- for 2 hours class (Intermediate)
€ 230,- for 2,5 hours class (Open)
€ 237,- for 1,5 + 2 hours [double classes Intermediate]
€ 275,- for 2,5 + 2,5 hours [double classes Open]


€ 220,- for 1,5 hour class (Beginners/Primary/Intermediate)
€ 275,- for 2 hour class (Intermediate)
€ 290,- for 1,5 +1,5 hour class (Beginners/Primary)
€ 327,- for 1,5 +2 hour class [double classes Intermediate]
€ 173,- for our 10-hours card (only for members who are currently inable to train regularly!)

General Fees

€ 20,- Sign-Up fee (one-time payment)
€ 30,- Membership fee per semester (incl. cleaning fee)
€ 50,- Associated membership (no regular classes, only private lessons)
€ 25,- Chip deposit* (one-time payment)
€ 17,- Private lesson (P); cash payment in the lesson!
€ 9,- Summer training**

* This chip gives you access to the studio and has to be returned when you quit your membership – then you will also be returned the fee. In case the chip gets lost, there will be no refund.
** During summer break, we offer classes of 2-hour units each, for Kids & Teens (17-19h) and Adults (19-21h).

Rafter Workshops

Summer Camps, Easter Camps and Weekend Camps with Joan and Lucia Rafter and the respective costs are announced on occasion.


Sibling discount or  Parent-Child-Discounts (für one parent and one child who are both active members): 30 % on the less expensive classes

Unlimited free training possibilities

Adhering to our class and studio rules, our studios are free to use for personal training for everyone who has an acccess chip. These trainings have to be entered into our Studio Calendar, and for children under the age of 14 there has to be at least one person over 16 present in case of emergency or injury.