Apart from our main affiliation with Rafter School of Irish Dancing in County Cavan, we are happy to have found not only dancing partners, but dancing friends in other parts of Austria.

We have been cooperating with Irish Beat Factory Salzburg since 2015, a dance school in the city of Salzburg that was founded by Selina Scherler, a Shamrock dancer before she moved to Salzburg, and her colleague Christine Affenzeller.

In 2019 our family further expanded when we welcomed Irish Dancing Innsbruck, a dance group founded by Laura Kerr from Ireland and Lucyna Czarnecka from Poland.

We compete under one common name at Feisanna, and of course we help each other out on all occasions when needed; be it at shows, Feisanna or with dance workshops.

We are glad to have established this wonderful network that connects us through our passion for dancing!