Shamrock Dance Company is proud to have a diverse teaching team with many years of dance experience.

Simon Zirkowitsch

Our main teacher is Simon Zirkowitsch, who passed his examination to be a certified Irish Dancing teacher (TCRG) with the Irish Danicng Commission CLRG in 2015. Before that, he has been an active dancer for over a decade. He teaches children and adults of all levels.

Dances since: 2004
Rhythm, Showdancing and Fitness – Our Allround-Coach!
What makes Irish Dance so special?
Elegant movements combined with athleticism, your legs and feet are your instruments. The beats you produce are honest and clear – raw motivation. Our aim is to find our rhythm to the music, with every inch of our bodies.. and it’s addictive!

Elisabeth Frank-Grossebner

Our “fairy dancemother” Elli Frank-Grossebner has been a member of Shamrock Dance Company since 2000, and is our current club chairwoman. Even though she works full-time, she dedicates her free time to the training of children and adults alike.

D.O.B: 20.10.1959
dances since: October 1999
Favourite Dances: Reels, Hornpipes, Céilís
Focus: Beginners technique, tips and tricks for our Best Agers
Favourite Quote: “Nobody wins unless everybody wins.” – Bruce Springsteen

Joan and Lucia Rafter

Irish sisters Joan and Lucia Rafter are dance teachers in Co. Cavan, Ireland, that visit us in Vienna for workshops on a regular basis. They are name matrons of the Rafter School of Irish Dancing, the name under which Shamrock Dance Company registers dancers at competitions. This wonderful cooperation and friendship has connected the two countries for many years now.

Sisters Joan Rafter (ADCRG, TCRG) and Lucia Rafter (TCRG), are our irish dance teachers.

Joan (l.) and Lucia (r.) Rafter

Joan used to be a World Championship dancer and a solo dancer in the show „Riverdance“. In 2001 the Dublin-born dancer founded the Rafter School of Irish Dancing in Cavan, Ireland. Since then, the Rafter School is the officially affiliated partner of the Shamrock Dance Company Vienna.

Lucia a fitness trainer with a NCEHS diploma. Just like her sister, she competed at the World Championships, and was a cast member in the early years of „Riverdance“.

They bring new and updated material to our workshops, so we have state-of-the-art steps and technique all year round. If brand new steps are not necessary, they help us with exercises to make movements more precise or add more tricky elements to the material to give our dancers a new challenge.


D.O.B: 31.10.1992
dances since: February 2004
first Feis: Vienna 2004
Favourite Dances: Slip Jig & Hornpipe
Favourite Quote: “If nothing goes right, go left!”

Dorothea Louise

D.O.B: 18.01.1995
dances since: February 2000
first Feis: Munich 2003
Favourite Dances: Open Reel/Hornpipe, Downfall of Paris, every Céilí
Favourite Quote: “On the dancefloor, everybody is equal.”


D.O.B: 19.06.1996
dances since: February 2004
first Feis: Vienna 2004
Favourite Dances: Reel & Hornpipe
Favourite Quote: “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham


D.O.B: 08.06.1994
dances since: February 2004
first Feis: Vienna 2004
Favourite Dances: Slip Jig & Hornpipe
Favourite Quote: “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”


D.O.B: 08.04.2000
dances since: September 2009
first Feis: Wien 2010
Favourite Dances: Open Hornpipe & Single Jig
Favourite Quote: „Don‘t dream for it, work for it!“


D.O.B: 11.01.1996
dances since: February 2005
first Feis: Wien 2005
Favourite Dances: Open Reel/Open Hornpipe/Job of Journeywork
Favourite Quote: “Practise like you’re in last – perform like you’ve already won.”